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 Wheel Components - What we use......

Bitex Hubs - Pound for pound the best hubs on the market and used by experienced wheel builders the world over.  High Performance, light weight and durability at an affordable price point.  Beautiful custom colours,  available in various freehub bodies and axle standards.  Don't be put off if you've never heard of Bitex; this is a quality hub, fully serviceable with great spares availability.

Made in Taiwan, Bitex use very high quality materials and creative innovative patented designs to produce performance orientated hubs that are lightweight yet reliable.  The range of hub options available means there will be a Bitex option out there that suits your application.  I've been building with Bitex hubs since 2012 and have many happy customers who can attest to their quality.


Bitex hubs are supplied with high tolerance ABEC5 grade sealed bearings from TPI (also used in DT Swiss hubs). The hubs are very well sealed and have excellent weatherproofing on the outboard seals in the freehubs.  Bearing sizes are good, ensuring premature bearing wear is not an issue.  Lot of freehub body options including Shimano HG, Shimano 12 Speed Microspline,SRAM XD, SRAM XDR, Campagnolo, Campagnolo N3W.  Freehub bodies can also be easily swapped to combat compatibility issues across bikes.  For many hubs the end caps can also be replaced, so for example a 135mm QR Centrelock hub could be upgraded to 142mm x 12mm through axle just by changing the end caps.

Colour options: Black; Silver; Red; Blue; Purple; Gold; Green; Orange and Oil Slick



Servicing packages

We offer a number of servicing packages to cater for your needs.



From a simple repair to full rebuild, please check our extensive repair list

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Hand built wheels

All our wheels are hand built, and we have a range of wheel builds.

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