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Guarantee and Warranty

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Our Guarantee

Every wheelset leaves Leadout Cycles with a lifetime guarantee for workmanship.


All wheels are built fine tolerances of 0.1mm lateral and 0.25mm radial runout.  Spoke tensions will be balance and checked with a precision digital tension meter and spoke threads/nipples will be treated to resist against premature corrosion. With the right care and maintenance, your wheels will stay true and free from spoke failure within their intended use


If you have a problem

If your wheels develop an issue simply return to us and we'll true the wheels and replace spokes for free. 


If you have any questions on care and maintenance please get in touch.


All our work is covered by our public liability insurance


What's not covered

Our guarantee does not not cover any postage costs. Component parts are covered by manufacturer’s warranties which I can assist you with.

The guarantee does not cover damage from crashes during on or off-road use or accidental damage during transit. Normal wear and tear of the rim due to braking or spokes reaching the end of their normal fatigue life is not covered. 


We appreciate accidents and mishaps can spoil your day. To get you back up and riding we can offer a reduction in re-built costs and a reduction on trade parts

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